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Aleksandra "Ola" Tomkowicz:

Leading with Passion and Expertise
Role: Team Leader at Red Sea Kite Adventures

Hello, I’m Aleksandra, but most people know me as Ola. Ever since I was young, sports have been my lifeblood. My journey began with sport climbing, where I competed in the world cup and even clinched the 1st position. That achievement was just a stepping stone for me. I went on to become the first Polish woman to ascend over seven thousand meters in Nepal’s Himalayas, an accomplishment that earned me the prestigious Kukuczka award.

My love for water sports led me from windsurfing to kiteboarding, and I’ve never looked back. I participated in the PKRA world cup and made history as the first Polish woman to execute a handle pass. My passion also extends to wakeboarding, where I’ve won numerous titles, including the Polish Champion and the European Champion in 2019.

I’ve taken on various roles in the sports world, from being a personal trainer for renowned kiteboarders to serving as a trainer for the Polish National Wakeboard Team. Now, I’ve made Egypt my home, where I organize kite safaris and offer lessons in kitesurfing and wing foiling. I’m a certified two-star international wakeboard judge and an IKO instructor. Beyond sports, I’m also a dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor, believing in the balance of mind, body, and spirit.


Nour Mahran

Your Go-To Expert for Kiteboarding
Role: IKO Instructor Level 2, VDWS Instructor

Hey there, I’m Nour. The beach and the ocean have always been my sanctuary. I discovered kiteboarding years ago, and it quickly became more than just a hobby—it became my passion. I honed my skills over the years, mastering new tricks and techniques that I couldn’t wait to share with others. I started my career in kiteboarding by working at a local kitesurfing school in my hometown, Hurghada.

Achieving my dream, I became a certified instructor at the Duotone school in El-Gouna. Today, I’m incredibly proud to be an integral part of Red Sea Kite Adventures. Here, my commitment goes beyond just teaching; it’s about ensuring that you make tangible progress in your kiteboarding journey. I aim to share my extensive knowledge and experience to help you become a better kiteboarder, whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your skills.

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